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Atlantic Ocean - Tarpon and Snook

An exciting adventure along the coast of the Amazon in Northern Brazil State of Pará. With tens of square kilometers of tropical coastal swamp providing shelter, food and reproduction conditions for a vast quantity of game fish. In the area near our operation base where most of the Brazilian saltwater game fish, such as Tarpon (King Silver), Snook, Crevalle jack, Acoupa, Cobia and Mero are found. Pescamazon will provide specially trained native guides who will use their vast fishing experience to track down the fish.

A breath taking tropical environment is waiting for you, various species of birds that feed and in the swamps.

Our adventure starts in Belém, which has an international airport with regular daily flights.


Small Hotel in the coastal town of São Caetano de Odivelas, offering good lodging with double and triple suits, and good kitchen.


We have several fishing locations available for your adventure, all in a huge coastal swamp environment.

Here we can fish all year round, and for the fly and artificial lure fisherman, it's an unmatched adventure in Brazil, for it is possible to catch on the same day, game fish like Snook, Tarpon and other.

For bottom fishing, life bait will be used; small baitfish, sardinhas, and shrimp will always be made available to the anglers.

Fully equipped fishing boats will make the fishing trip more enjoyable.



  • Belém has a new modern international airport, where PESCAMAZON will meet you upon arrival.
  • Day one - Upon arrival in Belém, transfer in Van or micro bus to coastal Town São Caetano de Odivelas, fishing for the rest of the day after settling in (will depend on time of arrivel flight).
  • Day two and five - fishing.
  • Day six - Return transfer to Belém.
  • PESCAMAZON can make these hotel reservations upon request, we also have a supporting travel agency in Belém which can be consulted for international or other airline reservations.


  • Lodging double accomodations, Full pension, all included, except alcoholic beverage;
  • Aluminum fishing boats with guides and fuel teaming two or three anglers, equipped with outboard engines, electric trolling motors, life vests, coolers with water, ice and soft drinks;
  • Tranfers Belém/S.C.O./Belém;
  • Pescamazon guide.


  • Airfare to Belém;
  • Hotel accommodation in Belém, they can be reserved by PESCAMAZON upon request;
  • Phone calls;
  • Alcoholic beverage;
  • Airport tax, as required when boarding return flight from Belém international airport;
  • Tipping is permitted at free will and not obrigatory.


  • The price of the Atlantic Ocean package is US$ 2,800.00 (US. Dollar) (2 people);
  • Approximately $900 from Miami x Belém x Miami;
  • Final payment is due 30 days prior to departure.
  • For cancellation and refunding policy, please check our Terms & Conditions.
  • Reservations are accepted through a 10 % deposit, 60 days prior to departure.


  • No fishing permits are needed.
  • Although there is no prohibition for excess baggage weight, we strongly recommend use of common sense while packing.
  • Portuguese is the official language in Brazil, but an English-Portuguese interpreter will always be available on the trip.
  • As you will be in a tropical climate, proper care and climatic protection for electronic equipment, photo cameras and general baggage is necessary.
  • No malaria is found on the island, but insects are common in a tropical environment, so you should provide proper protection if needed.
  • Preventive tetanus and yellow fever inoculations are always recommended.
  • Visa information can be obtained in the official website:
    Consulate General of Brazil in Houston (USA) or
    Brasilian Embassies and Consulates in your country.